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Aircraft Charter Services

Experience counts when a supply chain has been interrupted, a plant has been closed down because of a needed part, or there is an urgent release that must hit the shelves on time. Our team has a tremendous base of industry experience that we put to use every day to fulfill our clients’ most urgent requirements. In some cases these requirements call for chartered aircraft services.

Cargo Charters

M2 Transport matches the freight needs of our customers to a wide variety of aircraft ranging from small piston aircraft, carrying less than a ton of payload, to the Russian Antonov 124, carrying up to 120 tons of payload. We also have personnel who specialize in small versus heavy jet requirements, because often the contacts and the operational details require a completely different approach. Our unique experiences with both scenarios enable us to handle all the details on behalf of our clients, assuring them of a successful delivery and outcome.

Passenger Charters

M2 utilizes aircraft operators who are focused on safety, comfort, convenience, and customer satisfaction. Passenger charters enable flyers to bypass long lines and frequent delays with an affordable service that meets the client’s specific travel requirements. Operators performing for M2 Transport clients meet all FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) guidelines for Part 135 carriers.

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