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M2 Transport is a leader in equine, livestock and exotics transportation. Specializing in an extensive number of animal projects including relocation of exotics, transportation of equine and shipment of livestock, M2 Transport has continued to build trusted relationships through hands-on care and timely deliveries.


From the flight to sourcing equipment to coordinating handling services, M2 Transport has all your livestock needs covered. Ensuring the welfare of animals, M2 Transport professionals are well versed in IATA’s Live Animal Regulations (LAR) and ensure the global standard for live animal transport is not only met but exceeded. Our expertise ranges over swine, cattle, chicks, sheep, equipment and plenty more.


M2’s equine transport professionals understand how to effectively handle and provide for the equine’s well-being, as well as navigate the intricate processes, and complex documentation required to transport these highly valued animals. We offer trained, experienced equine specialists that understand the stressors involved in shipping horses and can take all appropriate steps to mitigate this stress. We also utilize specialized equine shipping equipment that creates an even more comfortable, calming environment for horses.

From the fall of the gavel or the last pat on the neck, M2 Transport handles every logistical detail and export regulation, such as U.S. Customs Clearance and USDA / APHIS Requirements. We also help clients navigate the two international horse export classifications. And we keep our customers informed literally every step of the way.


Uncommon and unusual are M2 Transport’s bread and butter. With experience transporting kangaroos, anteaters, mara, capybaras and more, M2 Transport has quickly turned into a trusted name in exotic transportation. Consistently providing high-level expert care in international air transportation, M2 Transport has been able to hone in on the nuances and unique personal touch required for protected species and wildlife. Our expertise includes zoo relocation, animal transportation, equipment and more.

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